/delivery framework

Invenica has a full service offering across the business, technology and project lifecycle.

Agile & lean design are central to our approach. Working through an iterative process ensures that stakeholders have multiple touchpoints across the project. The flexibility this gives our clients is a key part of our success.

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From our ideation process, POC’s and innovation labs – we help our clients “Discover the possible” with emerging technologies to transform their business. We give our clients the Insight, the Strategy and the Governance to define a clear plan of action.


We implement mission critical, high performing solutions for our clients. We are experts at complex migrations – with our 100% record to Deploy, Transfer and Support the solutions we develop.


We Design, Build and Deliver – to plan, to budget and on time. We have robust and rigorous development cycle – with agile at the core of what we do. It’s this proven experience and capability that gives our clients the assurance to develop and deliver with confidence.


We produce white papers, industry articles and are recognised thought leaders. Our team has a deep understanding of the cause and effect relationship of technology, business, innovation and opportunity.


We help our clients with a detailed plan of action designed to achieve their long-term goals. We produce actionable step, by step strategies taking our clients on a safe and achievable journey from the whiteboard to implementation.


We put in place and manage best-in-class project governance and management frameworks – with the associated roles , accountabilities and responsibilities. With detailed stakeholder management, reporting and communication.


We manage all the processes involved in getting new software or hardware up and running properly in its environment, including installation, configuration, running and testing.


We have a detailed framework for the transfer of software, knowledge and training from our development teams to our clients internal teams.


We support our clients through projects, programs and beyond – providing executive briefings, papers, insights and curating world-class events and discussion.


We have an interactive and iterative approach to software design. Agile is core to our approach – giving our clients the flexibility and confidence throughout the specification process.


We develop mission critical solutions in the most demanding of environments – using best-in-class development techniques, from our highly skilled teams.


From on-premise to Cloud; to integrated and stand-alone delivery teams. We have experience across many delivery strategies, models, people, processes and technologies.